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CPWC Clergy Bios


New Orleans Clergy

Rev. Velvet Rieth, 4th Degree
Arch-Priestess Emeritus*
President and Founder of CPWC

      Reverend Velvet Rieth is a High Priestess of the Fourth Degree (this rank is honorary, like a general with five stars) and one of the original founders of Covenant of the Pentacle. Velvet has been active with the Crescent City Swamp Witches for much of her adult life and had a dream of drawing together New Orleans pagans for worship and celebration. From this dream, CPWC was born.

      Velvet has been active in numerous political causes, founded the first Wiccan prison ministry in Louisiana, and performs countless acts of community service, involving the church in food and clothing drives and organising intertraditional and interfaith ceremonies and meetings. She travels and lectures extensively, and works tirelessly to create "circles linked to circles - it's the goal of everything we teach."


*(Emeritus does not necessarily indicate that the person is retired from all the duties of her/his previous positions; he or she may continue to exercise some of them.)

Susan Kagan
3rd Degree
High Priestess of CPWC
Swamp Witches of New Orleans

    Susan has served the God/dess and the church for many years and is well known for her strong, outspoken nature. She is a tireless political activist, a talented writer, and a teacher of the First and Second Degree. She exemplifies the goal of backing up magic with hard work in the mundane, or as she puts it, "If you want something, you'd better be ready to get up off your ass and work for it."

Shreveport Clergy

Michael Diaczynsky
3rd Degree

High Priest of Crescent Circle
Silver Witches - CPWC Shreveport

email: crescentcircle.hp@gmail.com

    Michael Diaczynsky is the High Priest of Crescent Circle Silver Witches - CPWC Shreveport. He received his 3rd degree from the Church during the Yuletide season of 2009. He is a New Jersey native who now lives in Shreveport with his wife and two children. He is the first Wiccan to serve on the board of World Religion Day Shreveport-Bossier. He is also a member of the Worship Committee for All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church. He works with the Northwest Louisiana Interfaith Council and local religious leaders to promote tolerance between different faiths using his own interfaith marriage as an example of how people can coexist peacefully. Mike has also been named as one of the custodians of the Buckland Museum of Magic and Folklore.

    In the mundane world Michael works as a service advisor and is also a
volunteer firefighter & first responder for Caddo Parish Fire
District #1.

Trixie Davis
3rd Degree
High Priestess of Crescent Circle Silver Witches - CPWC Shreveport

cell phone: 318-780-1566
email: crescentcircle.hps@gmail.com

    Trixie Davis is a 3rd Degree High Priestess of Crescent Circle Silver Witches - CPWC Shreveport. She is a proud sponsor of the Annual Pagan Unity Gathering. Community work involves World Religion Day, fund raisers, attending PNO and various other Community events. Trixie has been a member of CPWC since 1999. She received her 1st Degree in August 2001, 2nd Degree on October 15, 2005, and 3rd Degree in December of 2009.




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